Friday, November 25, 2005

Berlin Review-ed: Friday 25th November

So the first real week of the Berlin Review comes to an end, and I have to say it has been a lot of fun...although I am still struggling with some of the technical aspects of this blogging lark, and we need to do something to make this page a bit more 'ours'.

The Berlin Review is going to be a Monday to Friday kind of gig, because we're traditionalists in that we like our weekends off...although we will post if something really catches our eye, or more likely, drink too much beers watching the football and think it is a good idea.

Thanks to all of you that dropped by in the first week, read the articles and left comments, and for those who have stumbled upon us over the weekend, here's the Berlin Review-ed for the week:

On Monday I wrote about my love of Hertha Berlin, as well as a Picasso Exhibition currently showing.

Tuesday saw Gunther debating the Merkel era, whilst otherwise the Berlin Review was going literary with a guide to English Bookshops in Berlin, and the first installment of our review of books on the city; Goodbye to Berlin.

I waded into the Merkel debate on Wednesday to discuss was Merkel's rise to power said about Women in Politics. His normal role usurped, Gunther decided to post about Russendisko instead.

Thursday's news was that of the Americans Battle for the Berin Airwaves, discussing the fight for a radio license between NPR and Voice of America, as well as information on Rooms for the World Cup.

Friday featured Gunther's return to the topic of VAT and the New Goverment, as well as the second installment of books on Berlin The Innocent.

So that was the week that was folks - enjoy your weekend, I'm about to go and play in the snow, and we'll see you on Monday. Cheers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I liked the NPR piece best.

Keep up the good work!

1:39 pm  
Blogger P. said...

Thanks Jorg...

8:39 am  

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