Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogs: Some more Berlin and Germany blogs...

An afternoon off gives me the chance to explore the blogosphere for some more blogs on Berlin, Germany, or anywhere else for that matter. I especially liked Broke in Berlin, another Brit (I think). Some interesting posts in there to read with a cup of coffee. My favourite involved a trip to the supermarket and an encounter with an old German lady and her German apples.

Elsewhere, I also enjoyed a browse through a blog from the other side of the country, an American musing on what it is like to be Foreign in Frankfurt, and what looks to be a super useful site if you ever find yourself heading down to Munich. Toytown Munich, with articles, city information, a forum and loads of other stuff. One interesting feature in the Munich Wiki, that allows anyone to edit the information - on culture, entertainment and loads of other topics - and has created what looks like an excellent resource for those living in the city or heading there for a visit.

Well done chaps!


Blogger BiB said...

I Hate My Neighbours should also raise a titter. Thanks very much for the mention (yes, I'm an exiled Brit too), and for being a public-spirited blogger. Looking forward to reading more.

4:12 pm  
Blogger P. said...

Hehe, I just discovered that blog and was on my way over to add it to the links list...

4:26 pm  

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