Thursday, November 24, 2005

News: Rooms for the World Cup

This is great for people who are coming to Germany for the World Cup next year, or live in one of the host cities and want to make a few euros. After all, everyone else will be cashing in on the football extravaganza, so why shouldn't you.

The Staying with Friends site is on Immobilien Scout, a real estate website where normally people go to find a new flat to rent or a house to buy. What they have done is create a system where you can offer a spare room or a whole flat for the period of the World Cup, whilst people coming to town to watch the game can search for a place to stay. In Berlin the prices range from 15 euros a day for a one room flat in Reinickendorf - which is cheaper than any dorm bed in a hostel - to 500 euros PER DAY for a nine room villa on the Falkensee.

Wow. I wonder what my flat would be worth...


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