Monday, December 12, 2005

News: Bundesliga and more on the World Cup


Bad news for Hertha fans...another defeat, and those slim dreams of the Bundesliga title (or even Champions League qualification) seem to be fading for another year. They lost 2-1 against Hamburg, in a game that was basically over by the eighth minute when the Hamburgers were already two goals to the good, and Hertha's chances of a come back were not helped by Marcelinho's red card in the 55th minute.

Hertha are now a whopping sixteen points behind Bayern, who head the table, and ten behind Werder Bremen in third - the place they would need to achieve if they want to have a crack at qualifying for the UEFA Champion's League. Hamburg's win keeps them second, four points behind Bayern, and still in the hunt for the championship.

There is a Bundesliga round-up on Deutsche Welle, and the Bundesliga results and table are here: Kicker.

World Cup...

Meanwhile, I've been getting more excited about the draw for the World Cup here in Germany, even though the games that will take place in Berlin are a little disappointing. If either England or Germany come second in their group whilst the other comes first then the second round will see the two meet, in what for the English at least is an iconic fixture.

(From talking to some German football fans the equivilant would be a game against the Dutch).

I never really felt that strongly about the English team when I was in England...of course I wanted them to do well but I was never really disappointed when they didn't (as opposed to my club team...), but since living over here I've actually come to feel more supportive...and would really enjoy watching England versus Germany in Berlin. So here's hoping either Poland or Sweden can spring a surprise and win their group, otherwise we'll have to wait for the final for the England-Germany match-up, and the likelihood of that happening is slim to say the least.


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Come back!

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I second that. Honestly, what is it with bloggers and the festive season? Updates are thin on the ground...

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So, ummm, has this blog died a death, or are you on a long holiday? Or are you secretly posting somewhere else? If the latter, do tell.

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