Friday, December 02, 2005

News: Ex Berliner December Edition

The Ex Berliner, Berlin's 'English language paper', has just released its December edition and I wanted to post it up here not so much as a recommendation, but rather as a question to any Berlin readers about what they think of the magazine.

In the name of research for this blog I parted with my €2, but normally I don't bother, despite the fact I would welcome, and think there is a market for, a quality English-language publication in the city.

My problem with the Ex Berliner has always been that it is too thin, in that, basically, that there is not enough to read. There are some good writers in there (Robin Alexander on politics for example), but I can read what I am usually interested in over a cup of coffee in about half an hour. Not really worth the cash.

The listings, especially the English-language cinema and other events are pretty good, but with copies of Tip and Zitty lying around in most cafes it would be the most linguistically challenged that would have to rely on the Ex Berliner to know what's on. What is good are some of the reviews and the 'head's up' for some things that might have passed the radar.

Anyway, this month there are the usually politics, football, gay Berlin and reviews/listings, alongside an interview with German photographer Melanie Manchiot (interesting), Bio food in Berlin (less so), and a thought-provoking article on the use of women in advertising. Actually not that bad. I still wish there was more to read though, and wouldn't mind paying a euro more for something more substantial. I would be interested in what others think...

The Ex Berliner website is here, and, which is nice, the women in advertising article is online.


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