Tuesday, December 06, 2005

News: Germany, the World Cup and other Football

Jürgen Klinsmann, the German national team trainer, thinks that the hosts for next years world cup will need a lot of luck to win. This is true, despite the home advantage.

Interestingly though, if you removed Brazil from the equation (and they seem to be everybody's favourites) there is not much to choose between the top nations. Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, Spain and even Germany are all capable, with a nice draw and a following wind, of making it to the final. After all, a German team that Franz Beckenbauer claimed was "so bad, if you put all of them in a bag and hit it with a stick, whoever you hit would deserve it" managed it in 2002 in Japan and Korea. And once there, against the mighty Brazil, it was a mistake from the previously unbeatable Oliver Kahn that broke the deadlock.

Once in the final of course, it is down to one game. And in one game anything can happen. Look at Greece in the European Championships two years ago, or Liverpool and Porto in the last two Champion's Leagues. Beyond the group stages, in the realms of knock-out football, anything can happen. That's what makes it so exciting, and why, with master magician Guus Hiddink in charge, even the Aussie's can dream.

The draw for the World Cup is on Friday: FIFA.

Bundesliga News: Bayern draw against Stuttgart, with Deisler getting himself sent off for kicking an opponent. It allowed Hamburg (who won 3-1 in a bad-tempered game against Köln) to close the gap at the top to four points. Our Berlin's Hertha won as well...they stay fifth, in the European places, but there is a bit of daylight between them and Dortmund and Moenchengladbach who both lost.

Results and Table: Kicker


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