Thursday, December 01, 2005

News: Plans for the World Cup Gala in Berlin

So if I am not busy on June 7th next year, and I can get a ticket, maybe the place to be will be the Olympiastadion in order to witness the Opening Gala of the World Cup.

Hmmm, or maybe not. The vast majority of these opening ceremonies, be they for World Cups or the Olympics tend to be mind-numbingly boring, over-long, and more often than not, completely inpenetrable when it comes to understanding what the choreographers or whoever it is that puts these things together are actually trying to say.

The first paragraph of the Deutsche Welle article seems to hint that the organisers for next year may have learned from the mistakes of the past...

"...the organizers, aware of the schmaltzy affairs put on to mark the openings of such events as the Olympics and the Superbowl, want the World Cup event to be a classy affair."

What they are promising so far are a French avant-garde choreographer, Brian Eno composing the anthem, Peter Gabriel as musical director, 132 of the worlds most famous footballers including Diego Maradona, and that the whole thing for the budget price of €25 million so its bound to be spectacular...oh, and famous soccerball fans the Black Eyed Peas will be hip hoppingly entertaining the crowd (so, Man Utd fans, there will be at least one Fergie at the party).

But despite the organisers protestations, it sounds a bit like, well, more of the same. Expect unity of nations-themed dance routines, some bizarre performances of people in different coloured outfits making pretty patterns that are supposed to symbolise something but no-one actually understands, and hopefully a wardrobe malfunction or two. Plus a fireworks display. They always have a huge fireworks display, don't they? Still, it's a bit of history, and how often will I be in a city that's hosting a World Cup Gala, eh?


"Tickets for the event will not come cheap with prices ranging from 100 to 750 euros."

Ah. Well. Maybe I'll just watch the thing on the telly instead.

(The photo is the World Cup Mascot...he's furry...)


Blogger Haddock said...

With Eno & Gabriel the event cant be that bad.........can it??

11:01 am  
Blogger P. said...

I probably won't be bad exactly, just overblown and baffling...

Like a lot of what comes out of the mouths of FIFA representatives ;-)

12:18 pm  

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