Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blogs: More 'Blogs We Like' from Berlin

Some more 'Blogs We Like' today - will keep trying to add blogs to the link list that are from Berlin and/or Germany, so if you want us to link to yours then let us know.

First up is the ultra-cool Berlin Blogplan, which I became aware of thanks to my good buddy the Berlin Bear. It is basically a map of the U- and S-Bahn network, and if you have a blog and are in Berlin, you enter the nearest station to you and get yourself on the map. See if you can find us (without cheating)!

Next we have the extremely amusing Observing Hermann from the perspective of a self-titled 'amnesic American lost in Berlin'. Hermann is the flatmate, and parts of the blog - especially those dealing with the cultural quirks of this city we love - are very, very funny indeed.

Then there is Metroblog Berlin which has a lot of different bloggers, which means it is often updated, and some nice pics into the bonus.

Finally I would like to draw attention to a post I found by a blogger who is not based in Berlin but happens to be here at the moment. Welcome to the Hauptstadt Marcel and enjoy your stay. Your Love Letter to Berlin was very poetic indeed.


Blogger daggi said...

Eberswalder Str.

I originaly searched the U8 (due to the Rosenthaler Platz links), and then tried the upper half of the U2, as the Circus has an outpost there!

Now: can you find me?

4:40 pm  
Blogger P. said...

Greiswalder Strasse. I guessed Friedrichshain from the charming picture on your blog (hehe) and actually stumbled across it by mistake.

(Mouse hand tremors - too much coffee).

Oh, and Eberswalder Strasse could have been as easily Rosenthalerplatz, it was kind of a toss up between the two.

4:48 pm  

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