Monday, November 21, 2005

What's On: The Private Life of Pablo Picasso

This looks pretty cool...the Musée Picasso in Paris has decided to celebrate their twentieth anniversary in Berlin. Of course, the best place for an anniversary is probably Paris in the first place, but if you already come from there then you have to go someplace else...

Anyway, they arrived on the 30th September and have squatted in the Neue Nationalgalerie over in the Kulturforum by Potsdamer Platz, and have brought with them over 170 works of art by the great man himself, including paintings, sculptures and little drawings on bits of paper. Sorry, sketches. Also, the exhibition includes photos from the Picasso Archive, including scenes from his private life.

You can get some more details from the Picasso in Berlin website.

Oh, and one more know what we have to thank for this wonderful exhibition that is coming to Berlin? Well, the Musée Picasso for one, but ultimately it is down to Picasso's less-than-careful financial planning that we are recieving this artistic windfall - until the 22nd January at least, when it heads back to Paris. From the exhibition website:

The Musée Picasso in Paris is home to this magni-ficent collection of artworks which the artist held in his possession throughout his lifetime. After his death ownership of the works was transferred to the French government in lieu of death duties.

And all Berlin art lovers are thankful for that.

The exhibition 'Pablo: Der Private Picasso' runs in the Neue Nationalgalerie until the 22nd January and is open every day except Mondays.


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